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Introduction to enterprise and entrepreneurship

What is Enterprise? What is Entrepreneurship? Why are they relevant to me when what I want to do is research?

What is Enterprise?

Applying creative ideas and innovations to practical situations. It combines creativity, ideas development and problem solving with communication and practical action (QAA, 2012)

Enterprise skills include taking the initiative, making things happen, identifying opportunities, creative problem solving, innovating, strategic thinking, making decisions, networking and personal effectiveness.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Applying these skills to create and grow organisations to identify and build on opportunities.

I see my career as a researcher not in business, so why do I need to know about either of them?

Perseverance, dedication, creativity, communication and insight. Key researcher traits? Core enterprise skills?

Improving your enterprise skills and your ability to identify and develop opportunities (as well as enhancing the impact of your work) will benefit you whether you pursue a career in academia or decide to move into business or a corporation.

The MPLS Enterprise programme offers you ways to develop these skills by combining a progressive series of half day and 1-day workshops with a variety of seminars, networking events and activities supporting you to participate in national and international competitions.

Many of the events and activities are run in collaboration with our departments, with student-led groups and colleagues in the Oxford Launchpad and the Careers Service.

Our Enterprising Oxford portal makes it easy for everyone who is interested to find out more and to participate actively in this rapidly developing area.