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We have all undertaken MHFA England-certified training. We are here to listen and talk to you, with any issues that you want to discuss. Please be assured that we will treat any contact and conversation with the utmost discretion and confidentiality and will only escalate issues in an emergency.

Get in touch with us either directly using our contact details below or via our confidential email address: 

There is also a trained group of MHFAs specifically within Plant Sciences and Zoology, for staff and students in those departments. 

Jon Bath

Jon Bath (he/him)

Postdoc Researcher, Physics

I’m a postdoc in Physics and have been for many years: longer than I care to admit and long enough to know the ups and downs of postgrad and postdoc life very well.  At work I make molecular machines using DNA as a construction material, at home I am learning to print with letterpress.

Feel free to contact Jon directly via email:

Connor D'Arcy

Connor D’Arcy (he/him)

Innovation and Business Partnerships Associate, MPLS

Connor coordinates Space @ Oxford, which is a university-wide academic network that advances and markets Oxford’s interdisciplinary research in the space domain.  His wider role is to bolster the range of business development, research funding and researcher engagement activity and he also supports the University of Oxford’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Office.  His past professional experience comes from working in Government, where he worked as an Operational Researcher across various Ministry of Defence and Other Government Department projects.  He has an engineering background and has previously worked in industry for Airbus Defence and Space on spacecraft projects.

Connor has recently moved up from Portsmouth, where he was a case worker for local communities and residents, supporting people with diverse range of local issues.  He hopes to be able to continue this now he’s based in Oxfordshire.

Connor also has late-in-life diagnoses of ADHD and dyslexia and hopes his past experiences and professional coaching can help in supporting others in similar positions. 

Feel free to contact Connor directly via email:

Ashling Gordon

Ashling Gordon (she/her)

Graduate Administrator, Astrophysics

I am the Graduate Administrator in the Sub-Department of Astrophysics in the MPLS Division. I have been with the University for 13 years now and during this time I have encountered many students and colleagues suffering with mental ill health. I feel passionately about dispelling any stigma around mental health and welling and helping people to seek appropriate assistance. I would encourage anyone to speak up and ask for help should they ever find themselves experiencing a difficult time.  

You are welcome to contact me directly either by phone (01865 273303) or by email and we can arrange to meet (either virtually or face to face) at a time and location that is convenient for you. 

Kirsty Heber-Smith

Kirsty Heber-Smith (she/her)

MPLS Communications Manager

Kirsty is the Communications Manager for the Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences Division within the University. She’s passionate about being a Mental Health First Aider and believes mental health should be given the same level of attention as physical health. One in four people in the UK suffer from a mental health issue each year and yet two-thirds of Brits have no one to speak to about their mental health, Kirsty became a Mental Health First Aider to better assist those struggling with mental health issues.

Feel free to contact Kirsty directly via email:

Amy Hinks

Amy Hinks (she/her)

Athena Swan Coordinator and Data Analyst, MPLS

Amy is the Athena Swan Coordinator and Data Analyst for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team in the MPLS Division. She assists departments in improving gender equality for staff and students, as well as supporting the broader work of the EDI team in the division. With a background as a DPhil student and then PDRA in the Zoology department, Amy has an insight into the pressures students and researchers may encounter. Furthermore, Amy balances work with raising two young children and can empathise with the struggles of maintaining work momentum after a career break, as both a researcher and as administrative staff.

Feel free to contact Amy directly via email:

Daisy J. Hung

Daisy Hung (she/her)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, MPLS Division

Programme Manager, Race Equality Task Force

Daisy's personal and professional passion is to create positive societal change and fight for social justice. She is working to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division at the University of Oxford. Alongside this role, she has been seconded to help support and shape the work of the University's Race Equality Task Force. Within MPLS, she leads a team to embed ED&I in all that we do, and cultivate a culture of inclusion and collaboration among our departments. She is also a trained mediator for Student Welfare and Support Services’ Student Resolution Service, and a Specialist Advisor for the Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service. Before coming to Oxford, she lived in San Francisco, California, and had a varied career as a public interest lawyer representing domestic violence survivors, a careers advisor for law students, and a diversity practitioner in the legal profession.

Feel free to contact Daisy directly via email:

Professor Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis (he/him)

MPLS Associate Head for People

I am a Professor of Astrophysics and non-tutorial fellow at St Cross College. I also hold a Visiting Professorship at the University of the Western Cape, in South Africa related to the MeerKAT and Square Kilometre Array radio telescopes. Prior to this I was a Reader in Astrophysics at the University of Hertfordshire, having held postdoctoral positions at both Oxford and Leiden.  My research is focused on the evolution of galaxies, how black holes may influence this evolution and how we can use galaxies to trace the underlying cosmology of our Universe. I lead several international observational surveys to address these questions.

Since 2018 I have been the chair of the physics department Equality & Diversity Committee and the Chair of the Postdoc Liaison Committee in Physics. I became Associate Head for People for the Division in May 2020. Through all my roles in academia I have always tried to support colleagues and students with their mental health and wellbeing.

When not in the office you can usually find me playing or watching sport.

Feel free to contact Matt directly via email:

Jo Knights

Jo Knights (she/her)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, MPLS

I work with the MPLS ED&I team to advance equity, encourage diversity and advocate inclusion across the Division and wider University. Working closely with staff and students, I am responsible for delivering the Division’s ED&I Action Plan. Having joined the University in March 2021, I have gained a lot of insight about how to navigate the University and ways of working while at home in Nottingham.

I firmly believe that work should be a safe and supportive space for everyone and talking about mental health is a big part of this. I encourage anyone who wants to talk to get in touch, either through email or Teams.

Outside of work I’ll either be hiking, eating or dreaming about getting on a plane.

Feel free to contact Jo directly via Teams or email:

Beverley Lane

Beverley Lane (she/her)

Events Officer and ED&I Support, Statistics

I have worked in the Department of Statistics for almost 14 years.  My role is Events Officer and ED&I support.  I feel very privileged to have been trained as a mental health first aider and to be able to work in breaking down the stigma around mental health and supporting wellbeing in the Department.

I am married and have four grown up daughters and two young grandsons and love nothing more than having all the family together, enjoying good food and conversation.

Feel free to contact Beverley directly via email:

Hamish Patten

Hamish Patten (he/him)

Research Associate, Statistics

Currently a Research Associate at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, Hamish has worked on a broad range of projects, including mortality risk modelling from disease, theoretical ecology and evolution, nuclear fusion, as well as disaster displacement risk modelling. Hamish also has over 6 years of volunteering experience in the field of migration and asylum. This includes running weekly social and sporting activities for people who have applied or been granted asylum, in addition to organising, hosting and participating in university round-table events, petition signing and protests on the topic. Ensuring that mental health concerns are visibilised and addressed has been an important part of Hamish’s career, volunteering and personal life, and becoming a certified Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) was an important step in this direction.

Feel free to contact Hamish directly via email:

Reka Toth

Reka Toth (she/her)

Lecturer, Plant Sciences

I'm a departmental lecturer in Department of Plant Sciences teaching undergraduates and doing scientific research.  I'm a non-British national, lived in several countries, and experienced cultural adjustment and the challenge of an academic career.

Please contact Reka through our dedicated email address (TBC)

Nina Warren

Nina Warren (she/her)

Office HR Manager, Begbroke Science Park

Prior to joining the University, Nina’s career was in Local Government where she experienced first-hand the impact that organisational change and uncertainty can have on people’s mental health. She is drawing on her HR background to develop her Mental Health First aid skills and to promote Mental Health and Wellbeing in the future.

Nina is a keen gardener who knows how important it is to get outdoors and connect with nature in order to improve wellbeing, and in helping you to look after yourself. “I am looking forward to being part of the MPLS team offering this support to others”.

Feel free to contact Nina directly via email: