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MPLS Equality and Diversity Awards – Call for Nominations

The MPLS Division invites nominations for our annual Equality and Diversity Awards. These awards will recognise individuals and teams working to advance equality, diversity and inclusion within the Division. At the same time, the awards aim to foster and raise awareness of impactful and innovative activities in all areas of equality and diversity (including disability, LGBT+, race/ethnicity and gender). A pay award of £1,000 (minus taxes) will be made for each award category and will be presented at the MPLS Summer Reception.

Award Categories

Category 1: Best Initiative. For a successful activity or initiative aimed at increasing equality and diversity in a department, group, or subject area.

Category 2: Lifetime Achievement – Administrator. An award made to an individual who has shown outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership in advancing equality and diversity. This category will rotate each year to highlight individuals from different job roles – academics, administrators and early career researchers. This year, an award will be made to an administrator.                                                                                                      

Category 3: Best Team Effort. To recognise effective collaboration between team members howsoever comprised (teams may within a department or across departments) working together on an equality and diversity related activity or initiative.

Category 4: Outstanding Contribution by a Staff Member – Student Choice Award. An award made to an individual (academic, researcher or administrator), nominated by a student or group of students, who has made an important contribution to advancing equality and diversity.

Individuals are welcome to nominate others and/or self-nominate (in all categories except for Category 4, where self-nominations are not permitted). All current staff members (academics, researchers, and professional and support staff members) are eligible to submit nominations for Categories 1-3. Current students can submit nominations for Category 4. The intention is that one award will be made in each category, although in exceptional cases, more than one award may be made.

Nomination Procedure

Applications should be completed on the form which can be downloaded here and submitted to by 5pm on 15 June 2018.

Once the applications have been received, Heads of Department will be invited to endorse and/or comment on all applications from their department. Applications will then be judged by a panel chaired by the MPLS Director of Equality and Diversity, Prof Helen Byrne.