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An award made to an administrative or professional services member of staff who has shown outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership in advancing equality, diversity and inclusion.

Photo of Beverley Lane

Beverley has been an ED&I champion for years! She has been involved in Athena SWAN in Statistics since they first joined the charter mark, supporting the academic leads and helping to drive much of that work. After the Black Lives Mater protests last year, she participated in the Strike for Black Lives initiative, which was a one day #ShutdownSTEMstrike. She took that day to educate herself on race equality issues and consider how the department could advance their work in this area. Since then, the department has consulted with staff and students and have created a Race Equality Action Plan that they are working hard on. Beverley is such an approachable and friendly person who is super organised, excellent at running events, and works well with people in her department, in the division and in the University to help advance ED&I.