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There is a wealth of information for supporting staff and students with disabilities across the University, the majority of which are summarised on:

Further useful resources and information are listed below. Do get in touch on if anything is missing.

  • Link to the Neurodiversity at Oxford project webpages. 
  • The Access Guide: an online guide to physical accessibility across University buildings.
  • Accessible teaching and learning resources: The Centre for Teaching and Learning has developed a number of resources to make teaching accessible to students, although much of this will be relevant to staff as well. 
  • Resources in the Bodleian Librariescolleagues in the Bodleian have been collating a collection of resources titled “Changing the narrative: championing inclusive collection development”. Here you can find a whole host of resources relating to different ED&I areas which are available to staff and students.
  • Link to the SU's Disability Campaign.
  • New Neurodivergence page on the EDU webpages: This will be added to over the coming months. 
  • Annual Disability LecturePrevious lectures in the series can be found the Equality and Diversity Unit's webpages. 

As well as the various networks and groups that can be found on the Disability and Neurodivergence Networks and Support page, there are also a number of different professional and peer support networks available:

Harassment advice


MPLS and the University does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation. If you need support, get in touch with the Harassment Advisor Network by emailing, or contact Daisy Hung or Justin Hutchence (MPLS Harassment Advisors). Each of our departments also have designated Harassment Advisors to provide support.

More information about the Harassment Policy can be found here

Mental Health First Aid support

MPLS have a number of trained Mental Health First Aiders. Get in touch with us by emailing, or find out more through our Mental Health First Aid webpage.

Counselling (for students)

More information can be found on the central counselling service webpage

Disability Diversity Peers

The Peer Support Programme was developed in the early 1990s in recognition of the essential role students play in supporting and encouraging one another on a day-to-day basis throughout their time at university. Disability Diversity Peers are trained Peer Supporters with a disability and/ or a wish to create a supportive space to discuss supporting students who experience any form of disability.