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Zhanet ZaharievaZhanet is a Quantum Nanotechnologist by training with long years of extensive academic experience in designing nanomaterials for a wide variety of applications. During her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford, Zhanet specialized in the development of novel quantum nanomaterials with unique optoelectronic properties for applications such as thin-film solar cells and bioimaging agents. Naturally passionate about translating quantum scientific discoveries into real-world applications, Zhanet co-founded Quantum Dice with a team of Oxford University graduates in the summer of 2019.

Quantum Dice is a quantum hardware company from the University of Oxford’s Physics Department pioneering the world's fastest, quantum-secure, and completely embedded self-certifying QRNG for applications ranging from encrypting highly sensitive data to protect communications networks and private date to applications in scientific computing. Zhanet is Quantum Dice’s COO, responsible for overseeing the company’s operational processes and optimizing Quantum Dice’s operating capabilities. Zhanet manages the hiring for the company as Quantum Dice is currently actively recruiting looking to expand company’s engineering team. Alongside managing operations, Zhanet is part of the business development team where she is actively working on enabling the commercial adoption of Quantum Dice’s QRNGs in both their direct and end-user markets by setting up key collaboration opportunities as well as bringing Quantum Dice’s visibility across government agencies.