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Photo of Lauren Rudd

Lauren Rudd (she/her)

NERC DTP, Department of Biology

Lauren is a zoologist interested in understanding the social dynamics at play within the landscape of lion conservation, with the aim of better informing the management of the species. In her spare time, she participates in multiple university sports and is actively involved in several university EDI projects, all of which aim to improve the experience of students and staff. She sees the BIPOC STEM Network as a great opportunity to further this goal, and create a better environment for BIPOC individuals to succeed at Oxford and beyond.
Photo of Atreyi Chakrabarty

Atreyi Chakrabarty (she/her)

BBSRC DTP, Department of Pharmacology

Atreyi is a neuroscientist studying the cellular and network mechanisms of sleep regulation in the brain, which sometimes involves her being sleep deprived. When not in the lab, she enjoys sleeping, writing science articles, dancing and making short films. She strongly believes that representation matters for BIPOC individuals to feel like they belong in an academic environment. She has been involved in the Network’s conception and is excited about its role in highlighting the work and lives of BIPOC scientists throughout Oxford.

Photo of Victor Ajuwon

Victor Ajuwon (he/him)

BBSRC DTP, Department of Biology

Victor is a comparative ethologist interested in understanding how and why animals seek non-instrumental information, that is, information that has no immediate benefit in terms of reward-maximisation. This involves exploring decision processes in the lab using rats and goldfish as model organisms. In his spare time Victor enjoys the wonderful amenities Oxford has to offer (the pub) and if capable enjoys reading (twitter). Victor sees the BIPOC STEM Network as a brilliant opportunity to enhance the representation of scientists of colour in order to inspire the next generation of academics and professionals working in STEM.

Photo of Sara Middleton

Sara Lil Middleton (she/her)

NERC DTP, Department of Biology

Sara is plant ecologist interested in using a trait-based approaches to understand how plant communities respond to global environmental change. Outside her research, Sara enjoys science communication and runs a number of projects such as the Human Nature Stories Project and Black British Biology Project. She is enthusiastic about growing the Network and creating an inclusive environment for BIPOC to feel supported and thrive.