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For a successful activity or initiative aimed at increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in a department, group, or subject area.

Victor Ajuwon, Atreyi Chakrabarty, Sara Middleton, and Lauren Rudd received three separate nominations in this category, showing just how successful they have been in creating this Network. Graduate students from Zoology and Pharmacology, Victor, Atreyi, Sara and Lauren founded the BIPOC STEM Network in 2020/21. This Network is an inclusive group of research, academic and administrative staff and postgraduates within the University’s STEM departments who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), or Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME). The Network aims to promote and support the work of People of Colour within the University and beyond, to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within academia. The Network aims to highlight contributions of People of Colour in STEM, support navigating STEM as a Person of Colour, promote effective allyship and work with the University to implement policy aimed at improving diversity and inclusivity that draws on the experiences and insights of People of Colour.

BIPOC STEM Network convenors

A quote from one of the nominations reads: “The work achieved by the BIPOC STEM network is truly outstanding, but more than that they are role models. This grassroots initiative is not only helping increase equality, diversity and inclusion amongst current students and staff, but it is inspiring the next generation of BIPOC students to study STEM subjects, consider a future in research, and apply to institutions like Oxford. All this has been achieved by four extremely talented and dedicated graduate students at a time when the university needs it most. I cannot recommend highly enough the BIPOC STEM Network for the category of ‘Best Initiative’.”

A huge thank you to Victor, Atreyi, Sara and Lauren for everything you are doing. We look forward to seeing all the incredible things you are still planning!