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To recognise effective collaboration between team members howsoever comprised (teams may be within a department or across departments) working together on an equality, diversity and inclusion related activity or initiative.

Maria Christodoulou, Beverley Lane, Lucy Taylor and Jo Knights are a combination of professional services staff and researchers, from Statistics, Zoology and the MPLS Divisional Office. This team came together to organise a week-long programme of activity to help raise awareness around mental health, showcase resources available within the University, and to encourage staff and students to spend time focusing on their own wellbeing. What started as an action from the MPLS ED&I Action Plan, quickly expanded to include the whole University, with 31 unique events being held across the week. Activities ranged from talks, panels, and workshops, to fun activities involving exercise, art, and cooking. With over 660 unique attendees, and over 1200 sign-ups across the week, it was a great success and has prompted central University teams to consider plans for 2022. The campaign was the third most engaged item in the University Bulletin ever!

The Mental Health Awareness Week Organisers