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An award made to a researcher who has shown outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership in advancing equality, diversity and inclusion. To confirm, this category includes students.

Tanesha recently completed her graduate studies in the department of Zoology. Tanesha’s nomination reads: “During her PhD Tanesha spoke up very clearly calling out a rather out-of-date culture E, D and I culture in her research group. She did this politely, but effectively, and on multiple occasions she spoke up, bravely, and honestly, about some of the challenges that black, female, graduate students at Oxford encounter. I nominate Tanesha for three reasons: 1) bravery of speaking out about her experiences in public fora -- she made a lot of faculty realize how real the issues of race were, even in a department that thought we were doing well. 2) a keenness to engage to help improve things. Tanesha didn't just complain, but she suggested solutions that were sensible. 3) the production of a fantastic report with clear recommendations that the department is implementing. Tanesha has done more than anyone else to help Biology academics appreciate what needed changing, and ways in which these changes could be implemented.  I cannot imagine a more deserving case for this award than Tanesha.”

Thank you, Tanesha, for everything you are doing!