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The following initiatives and projects were successful in their applications to the MPLS ED&I Fund.

Mfano-Africa and Mathematical Institute – Mentorship Programme

This virtual mentorship programme will run for a second time during the summer of 2022, and is further expanded to include the Department of Statistics and the Department of Earth Sciences, as well as the Mathematical Institute (MI). This project encourages quality applications from African applicants in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science and to help applicants build a career in Maths. This will be the final time of funding as the project team finalise and streamline project / timeline design, materials, evaluation systems etc., where it will then be embedded into ongoing business as usual postgraduate outreach activity within our departments, and can more easily be shared as a package for other departments wishing to benefit.

Department of Materials – Anti-Racism Bookshelf

Matched funding from the MPLS ED&I Fund and the Department of Materials is being provided to develop an anti-racism bookshelf in the Hume-Rothery Reception. With more people back onsite, the Bookshelf will encourage staff and students to browse and borrow books from as many non-European cultures as possible, and to include stories which people will enjoy reading which at the same time will inform them about cultures and heritage.

Department of Biology – Making Fieldwork Safer

Field research has many challenges, and often poses additional risks for women, LGBTQIA+ people and people of colour. However, these risks are rarely openly discussed and most field researchers receive insufficient training. This project will engage the Fieldwork Initiative to provide specialised ‘FIEST’ training to student and staff researchers from WildCRU, ICCS and other interested groups from across MPLS, improving fieldwork safety and providing long-term support.