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We are thrilled to announce that the MPLS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Awards are now open for nominations! Every other year, alternating with the University-wide VC’s Diversity Awards, we recognise staff and students in MPLS who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to advance ED&I within our communities, celebrating individuals and teams that have accomplished amazing things to make our workplaces a better place for all of us.

MPLS ED&I Awards Banner for 2023 - text with gold backgroundThis is an important way to showcase the incredible work that MPLS colleagues and students undertake, which
may otherwise go unnoticed. At the same time, the awards aim to foster and raise awareness of impactful and innovative activities in all areas of equality, diversity and inclusion (including disability, LGBTQ+, race/ethnicity, gender, mental health and wellbeing, and more!).

This year we have four categories for nominations:

  • Best Initiative
  • Best Team Effort
  • Outstanding ED&I Champion – Staff (this includes academics, researchers, and professional services)
  • Outstanding ED&I Champion – Student (this includes undergraduates and postgraduates)

Selected recipients or the project they are working on will receive £1,000 (which will be subject to tax) and will also be invited to a celebratory awards ceremony in Summer 2023.

Nominations procedure

Please complete this Microsoft Form by Friday 9 June 2023. If for any reason you are unable to use the Form or need support to complete it, please contact us directly on where we will be able to help.

Heads of Department and Heads of Finance and Administration will be invited to comment on and/or endorse all applications from their department before the deciding panel makes a decision.

You can see previous winners below the categories. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch via:

Award categories

Category 1: Best Initiative
For a successful activity or initiative aimed at increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in a department, group, or subject area.

Category 2: Best Team Effort
To recognise effective collaboration between team members howsoever comprised (teams may be within a department or across departments) working together on an equality, diversity and inclusion related activity or initiative.

Category 3: Outstanding ED&I Champion – Staff
An award made to an academic, researcher or professional services member of staff who has shown outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership or impact in advancing equality, diversity and inclusion.

Category 4: Outstanding ED&I Champion – Student
An award made to a postgraduate or undergraduate student who has shown outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership or impact in advancing equality, diversity and inclusion.

Previous winners


Best Initiative: BIPOC STEM Network – Victor Ajuwon, Atreyi Chakrabarty, Sara Middleton, and Lauren Rudd founded the BIPOC STEM Network in 2020/21. The Network aims to highlight contributions of People of Colour in STEM, support navigating STEM as a Person of Colour, promote effective allyship and work with the University to implement policy aimed at improving diversity and inclusivity that draws on the experiences and insights of People of Colour.

Best Team Effort: Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 Organisers – Maria Christodoulou, Beverley Lane, Lucy Taylor and Jo Knights are a combination of professional services staff and researchers, from Statistics, Zoology and the MPLS Divisional Office. This team came together to organise a week-long programme of activity to help raise awareness around mental health, showcase resources available within the University, and to encourage staff and students to spend time focusing on their own wellbeing.

Outstanding ED&I Champion – Academic: Helen Byrne – for her sustained and inspiring commitment to the advancement of ED&I at all levels in the University, from department, to division, to cross-University.

Outstanding ED&I Champion – Professional Services: Beverley Lane – for her dedicated and continued support to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in Statistics and across the MPLS division.

Outstanding ED&I Champion – Researcher: Alex Ramadan – for Alex’s unwavering commitment to ED&I, both in the Physics department, across the MPLS division and as part of the Race Equality Task Force.

Outstanding ED&I Champion – Researcher: Tanesha Allen – for her inspiring work on championing equality, diversity and inclusion within the Biology department and across the division.

Outstanding ED&I Champion – Researcher: Lucy Taylor – for her tireless advocacy for mental health and equality for early career researchers.

The following individuals and initiatives were commended for their work and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion:

  • Equistats in the Department of Statistics (Best Initiative category)
  • Challenges and Changes in the Department of Physics (Best Initiative category)
  • LGBTQ+STEMinar 2021 Conference Organising Committee (Best Team Effort category)
  • The Ambassador Programme in the Department of Engineering Science (Best Team Effort category)

Click here to see more detail about the 2021 winners and commendees! 


Best Initiative: Shazeaa Ishmael and Women in Materials – for the development of the Career Pathways for Women in Science annual event in partnership with the Institute of Physics

Best Team Effort: RisingWISE team – for the development of the RisingWISE programme across University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, which aims to build a network of enterprising early-career researchers and women in industry to support women to thrive in careers across the science and technology sector

Lifetime Achievement: Benjamin Fernando – for the advancement of equality and diversity through his outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership

Student Choice Award: Professor Dominic Vella – for creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive research group, participating in programmes to promote scientific engagement, and inspiring and supporting students


Best Initiative: Mathematical Institute - for the “It All Adds Up” conference

Best Initiative: Abbie Muchecheti - for developing annual Anti-Bullying Week activities in the Department of Chemistry

Best Team Effort: Department of Chemistry and University Student Data Management and Analysis team –for the development of the Gender Gap Working Party to research, analyse and understand the gender gap in student examination performance

Lifetime Achievement: Catherine Goodwin – for the advancement of equality and diversity in the Mathematical Institute


Best Initiative: Professor Daniela Bortoletto - for developing the annual Conference of Undergraduate Women in Physics

Best Initiative: Dr Clara Barker - for developing a wide range of activities to support trans staff and students, and raise awareness within the Department of Materials, the University, and Oxfordshire communities

Best Team Effort: Oxford Women in the Computer Science Society - for the development of successful academic, industrial and social events aimed at supporting and promoting women in Computer Science

Lifetime Achievement: Professor Frances Kirwan FRS DBE - for demonstrating outstanding dedication, sustained commitment, and effective leadership in support of women in mathematics