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We have summarised a number of the Networks and Groups that support race equity within the University.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Staff Network 

The BME Staff Network is open to all University of Oxford staff who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic. The group has confidential discussions and various meetings and events throughout the year, with aims to help the University identify where BME staff representation can be increased, and to offer support to and enable professional success among BME staff.   

Anti-Racism Ally Network 

The Anti-Racism Ally Network is part of the BME Staff Network, with a mission ‘to create a supportive community to tackle systemic racism at the University of Oxford’. Find out more about the Network, how you could be a good ally, and to sign up.


The BIPOC STEM Network is an inclusive group of postgraduates, researchers, academics and professional/support staff who work within the University’s STEM departments and identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME). Click the link to find out more, or sign up as a member/join their allies network here.

BIPOC STEM Network Allies Book Club

The BIPOC STEM Network have recently launched an Allies Book Club which meets fortnightly on a Tuesday lunchtime. Click the link to join.

Race and Resistance 

Launched in January 2013, the Race and Resistance programme brings together researchers, students, and activists in the history, literature, and culture of anti-racist movements across the modern world. The programme actively challenges all forms of racism and hierarchy, and connected inequalities; seeking to facilitate informed conversations about race, racism, resistance, and liberation within Oxford and beyond. Click the link to find out more and join the programme. 

Oxford Research Staff Society 

The University of Oxford Research Staff Society (OxRSS) is a collective voice for researchers at the University of Oxford. The Society also organises social and professional networking activities across departments and divisions. Click the link to find out more and join.

Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality 

As one of the permanent campaigns at the Oxford SU, the Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality is dedicated to all Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic students at the University of Oxford. The Campaign's aim is to represent, support and advocate for students of colour whilst creating an inclusive and diverse university. Given the scope of the campaign, students work with organisers across colleges and across the city of Oxford to bring about long-lasting change that celebrates diversity and fights for anti-racist initiatives. Click the link to find out more about the SU's permanent campaign.

There are also a number of different professional support networks available, including Harassment Advisors, Mental Health First Aid support, and the counselling service and Peers of Colour for students. 

Harassment advice


MPLS and the University does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation. If you need support, get in touch with the Harassment Advisor Network by emailing, or contact Daisy Hung or Justin Hutchence (MPLS Harassment Advisors). Each of our departments also have designated Harassment Advisors to provide support.

More information about the Harassment Policy can be found here

Mental Health First Aid support

MPLS have a number of trained Mental Health First Aiders. Get in touch with us by emailing, or find out more through our Mental Health First Aid webpage.

Counselling (for students)

More information can be found on the central counselling service webpage

Peers of Colour

The Peer Support Programme was developed in the early 1990s in recognition of the essential role students play in supporting and encouraging one another on a day-to-day basis throughout their time at university. Peers of Colour are trained Peer Supporters who identify as students of colour and attend 1 further supervision session per term to discuss supporting Oxford students of colour and to explore themes around race, identity, racism, inclusivity, belonging, society, Peer Support and the University.