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Information about training available for supervisors of DPhil students

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Information about the training available for DPhil supervisors.

DPhil Supervision at Oxford: Online course

All DPhil supervisors in MPLS departments who are new to DPhil supervision, or new to supervising DPhil students at Oxford, are required to take this online course. It provides both an introduction to the specific roles and responsibilities of supervisors at Oxford, and an outline of more general aspects of DPhil supervision.

You can access the course here. You will need your single sign on.

You are strongly encouraged to complete the course over multiple sessions, rather than in one sitting. You will need to complete all sections of the course before you can download a certificate of completion. 

Bespoke departmental supervision and practice sharing sessions

Face to face sessions for both new and more experienced supervisors are also available. These are an opportunity to share practice and discuss supervisory practice with your colleagues. These are organised in your department; check with your Head of Department or Director of Graduate Studies for details.