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Building on a lasting fruitful cooperation and the ability to purposefully match interested researchers, Siemens AG (SAG) University Relations, Oxford (UoO) Industrial Partnerships and TU Berlin’s (TUB) Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange are partnering in a second trilateral seedfund to stimulate joint research project bids. 

We call for proposals in research areas at the intersection of the horizontal methods & technologies (AI, Connectivity/IoT/Sensors/Edge, Simulation/Digital Twin) and the vertical application sectors (Buildings/Cities/ Energy Systems, Industry/Manufacturing, Mobility/Transport Systems). The seedfund management team are Ilaria Carrara Cagni (SAG), Andy Gilchrist (UoO) & Hayri Göcke (TUB). They can provide pro-active assistance in finding potential complementary partners in the other institutions: so in the first case, those interested from UoO please contact Andy Gilchrist on

It is now confirmed that the United Kingdom will continue to participate in EU Programs. Thus, the aim of a seed project should be to develop trilateral partnerships and jointly apply for publicly funded projects. The involvement of at least two out of Oxford, TU Berlin and Siemens is a prerequisite. The Involvement of all three is strongly encouraged.

The seed fund management team offers matchmaking for interested researchers with first in-scope project ideas to help identifying complementary team partners at the other organizations. If you are interested in this, informally reach out to your organizations point of contact to get started.

This call is open to any salaried faculty member or equivalent at post-doctoral level or above from Oxford and TU Berlin as well as any Siemens employee involved in R&D. All disciplines are eligible. Projects must be jointly submitted and may include additional participation from other institutions or companies.


The seed fund aims to support 4 projects no longer than 9 months. Seed funding will be available from Jan 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022. Within each project the Oxford participant can receive up to 15,000 GBP and the TU Berlin participant can receive up to 20,000 € respectively. Siemens project partners are asked to define their input in the application and put in their own costs that will be covered by their respective units.

If successful, recipients of seed funding in Oxford and Berlin will be required to abide by the policies and practices of their respective institutions regarding ethical conduct of research, reporting and reimbursement of expenditures. Siemens partners will not receive direct funds but will be asked to transparently define their input and cover their own costs as part of the financial budget table.

The Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science e.V. has partnered with the seed fund team and offers its space and support for a workshop in Berlin i.e., for project definition or consortium building to the seed funded projects at no cost.

Submission Documents

The application must include a narrative project description of no more than 3 pages addressing:

  • Overview description of the field of study and general intellectual context of the project suitable for a non-specialist audience.
  • Outline of the proposed project and its specific objectives as well as its operation and functions including a project timeline and how the competencies within the team match.
  • List of potential calls identified or expectations regarding future targetable calls.
  • 3 Attachments: Short CVs of the principal investigators at each institution (max. 2 pages); A list of prospective recipients on all sides and their estimated time input; A financial budget table per partner specified by the eligible claims categories.

Eligible claims

  • Direct personnel costs i.e. for developing relationships and writing grant proposals. This could be any university employee
  • Material costs i.e. for prototypes
  • Travel, accommodation and other associated costs i.e. for joint workshops or exchanges.

Evaluation Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated by a trilateral selection committee based on the following criteria:

  • Clear description and importance of the proposed research topic.
  • Coherent collaborative work program for the seed funding phase.
  • The potential to lead to successful joint grant application(s).
  • The track record and competency mix of the principal investigators.

Submission & Reporting

  • Application window: 1st October 2021 until 12th December 2021 at 11:59 pm (London local time)
  • Outcome notification: December 17th, 2021.
  • Funding Activity: 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022 - maximum of 9 months project duration
  • Progress reports: Recipients must report briefly in a final report until project completion and are encouraged to keep the management team updated during the project via an informal mid-project report.
  • Payment of the grant: The payment and post-award financial management will be administered through the respective institutions at TU Berlin and Oxford.

A single, jointly prepared application must be submitted in English as PDF via email to the seed fund management team. Any questions regarding the seed fund, application process or matchmaking requests can be directed to the seed fund management team as well.

Contact Details - Seed Fund Management Team

Andy Gilchrist, +44 7714 598113:

Ilaria Carrara Cagni, +49 173 2532539:

Hayri Göcke, +49 173 9019705: