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Leo the Lion play at Curiosity Carnival

For many years the Division has supported public engagement, most notably through running the Oxford Sparks online engagement platform, and its training programme.

This strategic plan is a recognition by the Division that whilst there are excellent examples of PER taking place, in order to continue to make progress, there is a need to take a more strategic approach, and further solidify and demonstrate its commitment to PER.

Our vision is to support and mobilise the wider University strategic plan for PER to “embed high-quality and innovative public engagement as an integral part of research culture and practice” within the Division’s context, ensure MPLS representation in wider initiatives, and uptake of opportunities.

The strategic plan focuses on three key objectives:

  • Demonstrate the value of PER
  • Build capacity for PER
  • Facilitate effective collaborations to add value and innovate

This approach has been informed by an in-depth exploration of existing support, activity and culture, achievements, gaps and barriers, both within the Division, and in the departments we support, spanning two years. 

The Strategic Plan was endorsed by the Divisional General Purposes Committee at the start of the year, and will be monitored and reviewed by the Impact and Innovation Committee.

Read the full Strategic Plan here.