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Congratulations to all those from MPLS Division who have made the shortlist for these awards. The winners will be announced in May.

Vice-Chancellor's Awards 2024 logo

Projects and individuals from five MPLS departments and one division-led programme were shortlisted for seven of the ten Award categories. The shortlisted projects from MPLS are as follows:

Innovative Teaching and Assessment Award

  • First Augmented Reality Experience in MBA Course Worldwide – IT Services, Saïd Business School and Department of Computer Science

Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Award

  • Training conservation scientists and practitioners from around the world – Department of Biology

Research Engagement Award

  • Influencing the design and implementation of Biodiversity Net Gain in England – Department of Biology
  • Sensing volcanoes: public and community engagement with volcanic risk – Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford; University of East Anglia and the University of the West Indies

Innovation and Commercialisation Award

  • Brill Power – Making Batteries Better, Department of Engineering Science
  • Refyn – Development and commercialisation of mass photometry: single molecule mass measurement, Department of Chemistry

Community Partnership Award

  • Supporting young people from African families in accessing science capital – History of Science Museum and MPLS scientists (MPLS Science Together programme)

Enhancing Oxford’s Professional Services Award

  • Planning the shared building operations model for the Life and Mind Building – teams from the Departments of Biology and Experimental Psychology

Environmental Sustainability Award

  • Biodiversity Friendly Futures for the Highlands of Ethiopia – Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Department of Biology

See the full list of 60 shortlisted projects and individuals.