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Eight scientists from the Departments of Physics, Materials and Engineering Science, and the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience, have participated in the Physics Zone of ‘I’m a Scientist... Get Me Out of Here’, a STEM enrichment activity for school students.

Word cloud from follow-up chats by participants in the March 2023 'I'm a Scientist... Get Me Out of Here' Physics Zone, with words of various sizes relating to physics, in pink and blue, including (larger words shown): physic, thing, star, galaxy, space, planet, earth, universe, black hole, dark matter, interesting, question, university, working, research, gravity, made, light, year, thanks, particle

The 'I'm a Scientist... Get Me Out of Here' initiative aims to encourage interest in STEM study and careers and challenge popular misconceptions about scientists.

Physicists from other universities including Bristol, Durham and Newcastle, and a range of sectors in industry, also took part in the Physics Zone this spring, representing a wide range of specialisms, from space phenomena and particle physics, to geology, nuclear engineering and the physics of the human brain.

Oxford participants helping to answer questions about physics, careers in science and everything from dark matter to pizza toppings were:

  • Nora Martin – Department of Physics
  • Stuart Clare – Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience
  • Joshua Bibby – Department of Physics
  • Nikita Klimovich – Department of Physics
  • Allyson Lister – Department of Engineering Science
  • Helena Cotterill – Department of Materials
  • Kathryn Boast – Formerly Department of Physics
  • Ollie Thomas – Department of Materials

The active participation of more than 800 students and teachers, a diverse group of physicists from a range of academic disciplines and backgrounds, and insightful conversations sparked the curiosity of participants and quickly quietened preconceptions of what a ‘physicist should be like’ and what a career in physics might involve.

The Physics Zone was supported by UKRI, the STEM Ambassadors Programme, and the MPLS Divisional Office.

Inspire and be inspired

'I'm a Scientist...' hosts three online events each year, with different themed zones. You can find out more about the platform and how to take part at