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The 2023 IOP Awards recognise the achievements of individuals and teams in all aspects of physics.

Professor James Binney, Professor Gavin Salam and Professor Ian Shipsey

Three academics from the Department of Physics are among those honoured by the Institute of Physics in this year's awards:

Professor James Binney FRS has been awarded the 2023 Institute of Physics Isaac Newton Medal and Prize. The prestigious award recognises world-leading contributions to physics and has been awarded to Professor Binney for advancing the science of stellar dynamics and using strong physical intuition to widen and deepen our understanding of how galaxies are structured and formed. Read more about Professor Binney's award.

Professor Gavin Salam FRS has been awarded the 2023 Institute of Physics Paul Dirac Medal and Prize. The IOP gold Dirac Medal recognises Professor Salam’s profound, wide-ranging and impactful contributions to particle physics, especially those concerning the identification and structure of hadronic jets. Read more about Professor Salam's award.

Professor Ian Shipsey FRS, Head of the Department of Physics and Henry Moseley Centenary Professor of Physics, has been awarded honorary fellowship of the Institute of Physics in recognition of his leadership in experimental particle physics, particularly the elucidation of the flavour problem and the development of novel instrumentation in many areas of physics, leading the physics community in new scientific directions. Honorary fellowship is the highest accolade presented by the IOP it reflects an individual’s exceptional services to physics. Every member of the IOP’s celebrated community of Honorary Fellows has contributed significantly to the advancement of physics through a range of means, and serves as an ambassador for physics, physicists and the IOP. Read more about Professor Shipsey's Fellowship.

See the full list of Institute of Physics awards for 2023.