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Royal Astronomical Society logo

Congratulations to Professor Pedro Gil Ferreira, Dr Becky Smethurst and Dr Tim Lichtenberg in the Department of Physics, who have all received RAS 2022 awards.

Professor Ferreira, who is one of the world’s leading experts in cosmological tests of gravity, has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s 2022 Gerald Whitrow Lecture in Astronomy.

Dr Smethurst, a specialist in galaxy formation and evolution, has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s 2022 Winton Award for Astronomy.

Dr Lichtenberg has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society’s Winton Award for Early Achievement in Geophysics for his work on understanding the growth and long-term evolution of rocky planets.

The full list of Royal Astronomical Society 2022 awards can be found on the RAS website.

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