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Two Daybreak members sit at a table, looking at some of the art and laughing together © Rachel Ashwanden
Daybreak - improving the lives of people with Dementia and their carers

There are two streams of research in this project – one is based in Psychology, gathering data on the impacts of therapeutic art classes and how they can positively influence the wellbeing of dementia sufferers.

The project team have been assessing the impacts as they hold workshops at the Daybreak day centres (as well as the Dorchester Abbey Festival, where Daybreak have been the nominated charity) with local artists creating sessions which facilitate low-pressure, present moment, artistic self-expression to live music.

The other focus is with researchers at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, looking at how wearable technology can help people with dementia live independent lives for longer.

Daybreak Oxford was started 25 years ago to run day clubs for those with dementia.  Our clubs offer stimulating activities, including music, art, games and conversation, for those with neurodegenerative diseases.  Our clubs also offer family carers some respite from caring duties.  With decreasing funding for social care and increasing numbers of those diagnosed with dementia, Daybreak’s work is vital to the community.  Working with Science Together has given us the amazing opportunity to collaborate and thereby expand our outreach.  It has as well connected us to other local charities, enabling us to offer our clients more support.  It has been beneficial for everyone.”

-          Elizabeth, Head of Fundraising, Daybreak