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The model shows a series of concentric circles along a continuum from 'Dialogue' to 'Information'. 

Central circle: Co-producing

  • Shared decision-making
  • Participative action research
  • Partnership

Second circle: Collaborating

  • Committee representation
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Taking public as researchers (citizen science)

Third circle: Informing decision-making

  • People's panels
  • Focus group on research topic
  • Advisory/user committee
  • Citizen jury

Fourth circle: Understanding thinking

  • Opinion polls
  • Consultation
  • Attitude research
  • Social research
  • Surveys

Fifth circle: Stimulating thinking

  • Exhibitions
  • Education programmes
  • Science centres
  • Theatre in education
  • Public debate
  • Interactive websites
  • Sci-art

Sixth and outermost circle: Informing/inspiring

  • Lectures and talks
  • Festivals
  • Social media
  • Podcasts
  • News and newspaper coverage
  • Library resources
  • Magazine article
  • Newsletters
  • TV programme
  • Website