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NERC have released a 2023 call for capital investment to create new or build upon existing equipment and support NERC’s environmental science remit. The primary objectives of the call are to provide strategic investment in UK capital infrastructure and deliver a step change in research capability.

Proposals are required to:

  • enable significant and world class environmental research to be undertaken that would otherwise not have been possible and have the potential to stimulate innovation and economic impact
  • support NERC’s environmental science remit (see NERC’s environmental science remit)
  • demonstrate a commitment to embed sustainability within the project in line with NERC’s commitment to sustainable research
  • provide maximum positive impact over both short and long timescales. Have a useful life exceeding one year
  • create or build upon a new capability rather than maintain or duplicate an existing capability, unless evidence is provided as to why this is appropriate 

Proposals must be for a single asset available to multiple users through equipment sharing. Individual components that form a suite of equipment are allowable only if they form a single asset. Only one asset may be formed in a proposal. Multidisciplinary research on NERC funded capital equipment is welcomed

The full cost of the project can be between £350,000 and £750,000. NERC will fund 100% of the FEC for equipment only.

The project must run for no longer than 34 months and must begin after 1 April 2024.

Proposals should avoid duplication of equipment by determining whether the asset being requested is available for equipment sharing. Where the asset requested is a duplicate, a strong case must be made as to why the:

  • pre-existing asset is insufficient to meet required capability or user demand
  • asset outlined in the proposal should be funded.

Full details of the call, eligible costs and assessment criteria can be found on the UKRI website.

Oxford is capped at submitting two proposals to NERC, therefore an internal selection process is being run to prioritise bids.



Candidates must download and complete the Case for Support template from IRAMS. Applications must be submitted and approved by departments on IRAMS by Thursday 9 November (12 noon). The three quotes required for submission to UKRI do not need to be submitted at the internal stage.

A multidisciplinary panel of academics will review the applications and shortlist the two proposals to be submitted to NERC. Outcomes will aim to be communicated to internal applicants by Friday 15 November (end of day) latest. 



 For queries on the internal selection process, please contact