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The Simons Foundation have launched their annual call for nominations for their Investigator programmes, to which Oxford can submit a limited number of nominations. The University can nominate candidates that engage in theoretical research in the following categories:

  • Mathematics (2 candidates)
  • Physics (2 candidates)
  • Astrophysics (2 candidates)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (2 candidates)
  • Theoretical Physics in Life Sciences (1 candidate)

To determine if a University-wide internal selection process is needed, departments should contact by 12noon Monday 19 September to register any candidates they intend to put forward. No internal application is required for this stage, and departments are strongly encouraged to consider candidates from underrepresented groups in these subject areas.

Scheme information 

The Simons Investigators program aims to provide a stable base of support for outstanding theoretical midcareer scientists, enabling them to undertake long-term investigations of fundamental questions in their fields. The intent of the program is to support these scientists in their most productive years, when they are establishing new research directions, providing leadership in the field and effectively mentoring junior scientists.


Candidates must:

  • Must be engaged in theoretical research in mathematics, physics, astrophysics, computer science or theoretical physics in life sciences (subject remit can be found in the call guidance document (PDF) or on the call guidance webpage).
  • Investigator must be mid-career (typically, early-stage tenured full professors).
  • Hold a primary appointment as a tenured faculty member at an educational institution in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Ireland (full definition of "primary appointment" can be found in the call guidance document (PDF) or on the call guidance webpage).
  • Candidates from previous years can be nominated again if they have not previously been a Simons Investigator.

Support available

  • Award Duration: Five years, beginning 1st January 2024;
  • Funding: Research support of up to $150k per year, with $10k per year awarded to the investigator’s department;
  • Overheads: 20% per year in indirect costs may be requested.

eligible costs

The funding provided to a Simons Investigator may be used at the Investigator’s discretion to support research expenses in the following categories:

  • Up to one month of summer salary and related benefits per year for the Investigator.
  • Salary support and related benefits, including tuition support, for postdoctoral fellows and research associates, graduate students or undergraduate research assistants.
  • Domestic or international travel for the Investigator and the Investigator’s postdoctoral fellows and research associates, graduate students or undergraduate research assistants.
  • Short- or long-term visitors and collaborators, including travel, meals and lodging expenses.
  • Research equipment, supplies and other expenses directly benefiting the research, including computers, computer support, publication expenses and professional membership dues.

Investigator funds may not be used for sabbatical salary support or teaching relief of any kind.

Further information

Full scheme information can be found on the Simons Foundation website.


For queries related to the internal selection process, please contact