Delivered jointly by EPSRC and STFC on behalf of UKRI, the next round of the Stephen Hawking Fellowships will be open for outline proposals from 21 September 2020.

Oxford can submit 10 applications to the 2020 round.

aim and scope of scheme

In recognition of Stephen Hawking’s exceptional contributions to scientific knowledge and popularisation of science, UK Research and Innovation will support and develop up to 50 of the next generation of visionary scientists in theoretical physics at the beginning of their careers.

The objectives of the scheme are:

  • To fund new high quality research and support the development and training of postdoctoral researchers in the field of theoretical physics.
  • To train and develop a cohort of postdoctoral researchers with the skills to continue a legacy of public engagement in the field of theoretical physics.

Proposals are welcomed from all areas of theoretical physics, and areas of mathematics and computer sciences which underpin and contribute to the development of theoretical physics. The scope of the fellowships extends beyond Stephen Hawking’s active areas of research such as cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity and UKRI wish to invite other aspects of theoretical physics such as classical gravity, string theory, statistical physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, particle astrophysics, theoretical astronomy, solar and planetary physics.

Full scheme details can be found on the EPSRC website:

internal coordinated process

Candidates interested in applying to the Stephen Hawking fellowship call must contact their departmental research facilitation team by 27 August. Departments will then liaise with the MPLS divisional office to arrange candidate selection.


For queries on the internal coordinated process, contact Kathleen Dolan