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PI: Korsunsky, Alexander M

Department: Engineering Science (DF)

In the underpinning DPhil research, techniques were developed to customise the thermomechanical performance of Shape Memory Alloy with superior precision: ±0.5°C (ranging from -10°C to 90°C) of phase transformation temperature and ±40MPa (ranging from 100MPa to 300MPa) of output force, 10 times and 2 times better than existing solutions respectively. This opens new possibility of innovative design of deployable structures that requires accurate control of temperature and force. Therefore, the proposed project aims at transferring these techniques to a novel design of a deployable structure flow-filter medical device for cerebral aneurysm surgery. To prevent blood vessel clogging caused by rupturing of aneurysms, the net-shaped structure has to be expanded to filter the bloodstream. Current design involves a sheath-core interaction while our new approach using two-way Shape Memory Effect allows an integration of the two components into a solitary part, making it safter, cheaper, and more efficient. Collaborating with our enterprise partner, Oxford Endovascular Ltd., the prototype will undertake standard test under mimic surgical environment, and be optimised to gain official approval for clinical trials. After successful completion of this project, the enterprise partner will make further investment to finalise the manufacturing routine and gain licence for the product before mass production, which ensures that the outcomes are delivered to the society and benefit the patients across the country.

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