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PI: Nie, Binjian

Department: Engineering Science (DF)

Energy generated from renewable sources is surging forward as contributors to achieving Net Zero. Introducing large-scale and long-term energy storage systems as safety buffers will solve the challenge of supporting these energy supplies, even despite fluctuations in regenerative energies. The interdisciplinary workshop will focus on energy storage of renewables using green or carbon-neutral chemicals, mainly including hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol. The timely workshop aligns well with the UK Net-zero strategy and the EPSRC strategy in clean energy and Net-zero as well as energy security. It will involve EPSPRC prioritised themes across energy and decarbonisation, engineering, chemistry, and materials.

This timely workshop will significantly help the applicant who is at a critical stage to shape his main research theme in new directions and acquire new collaborations and resources. The workshop aims to invite experts from academic and industrial sectors to share their expertise. It will provide opportunities for scientists, engineers, and researchers to discuss technical issues, future vision and opportunities surrounding the chemical energy storage of renewables.

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