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PI: Booth, Martin J          

Department: Engineering Science

Research in Oxford has led to significant advances in liquid crystal (LC) technology and the construction of an associated intellectual properties portfolio filed through Oxford University Innovation (OUI). This portfolio encompasses LC devices that can manipulate light in novel ways. Compared to their existing counterparts, these devices are simpler, more compact and lower cost. This means they have great potential in a wide range of market areas, which include imaging in intelligent cameras, visual displays, virtual/augmented reality, automated vehicles and mobile communication devices.

The technical proof-of-principle has been demonstrated in the lab and potential commercial interest has been received from various industrial partners. However, a thorough market analysis is needed to enable full exploitation of the potential impact of the technologies. Due to the urgency of the project and the necessary involvement of multiple industrial partners, the IAA partnerships scheme is ideally suited to this investigation. Through this project, the secondees will actively work with the partners and fully assess the potential market by connecting device capability to end-user application areas. An exploitation strategy and commercialisation roadmap based on the market analysis will be produced at the end of the project.

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