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Assessment of EPSRC IAA Applications

Funding decisions are made by two multi-disciplinary internal panels with experience of realising impact from research. Applicants are urged to ensure that applications are written with clarity and a non-specialist audience in mind and should be reassured that all applications are assessed in the strictest confidence.

Technology Fund Panel

  • Prof Eleanor Stride (Engineering Science) – Chair
  • Prof Arzhang Ardavan (Physics)
  • Prof Boris Motik (Computer Science)
  •  Prof Kylie Vincent (Chemistry)
  • Prof Sarah Waters (Mathematical Institute)
  • Dr Adam Workman (OUI Seed Fund Manager)

Partnership Fund Panel

  • Prof Susie Speller (Materials) – Chair
  • Prof Felix Leach (Engineering Science)
  • Prof Niki Trigoni (Computer Science)
  • Prof [To be confirmed]

Where a call has identified priority or highlight areas, preference may be given to projects or activities that address the priority/highlight for this funding, provided they are ranked at a level that is competitive for EPSRC IAA support.

Decisions of the panel are final. Where the panel has declined to fund but made recommendations, applicants may resubmit once only, if the recommendations have been fully addressed. Please note that applications for funding for Doctoral Impact Fund and Impact Workshops/Meetings will be considered by the Partnerships Panel and are subject to a rolling deadline.

Quality assessment criteria (not listed in any priority order)

  • Potential scale and/or reach of the impact - could be financial or social
  • Risk involved in the project - how well is any risk managed
  • Likelihood of impact, timescale to impact - will this project reduce the lead time to impact, will there be follow on support to enable this?
  • Clarity of plan to achieve the project aims
  • Good value? Impact per £