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Can I share details of my IAA plans with external partners? What should I do about management of intellectual property related to my project?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant Technology Transfer Manager at OUI (if applicable) at the earliest possible stage, to discuss the proposed project and the intellectual property management plan.

Applicants should not refrain from working with external partners solely due to fears around protection of the IP; all the necessary contractual arrangements can and will be put in place to ensure that IP is appropriately protected. This may include confidentiality agreements for pre- and post-application discussions, collaboration agreements or secondment agreements, amongst others. The terms of any IP agreement will take into consideration the funding, the work being carried out by the parties and any relevant background IP introduced and will always be in line with the University’s approach to IP.     

Am I eligible to apply for IAA funding? I am an Early Career Researcher / a visitor / student

The Committee welcomes applications from Early Career Researchers.

PIs must be University employees holding a contract of employment and may be hosted by any department of the University. However, (early career) researchers requesting costs for their own salary cannot be a Principal Investigator on the application. Get in touch if you have questions about eligibility.

Researchers holding honorary or visiting positions, DPhil students (undergraduate students) are not eligible to apply.

Applicants should clarify their eligibility with their departments, and departmental approvers are required to check eligibility of their applicants before advancing any applications.