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EPSRC each year provides funding to support a number of vacation bursaries for Oxford undergraduates.


The scheme is intended to enable undergraduate students to gain first hand positive and practical experience of research in a UK university.   

The scheme is targeted at the most able students and at research that either:   

  • Falls within the identified 'Robert's shortage areas' of Statistics and Operational Research, ICT, Engineering or Materials.     
  • Is being carried out by internationally leading groups (e.g. groups that hold EPSRC Portfolio Partnership, Platform or IRC grants).     
  • Has strong industrial links.     


To be eligible students will need to be:   

  • Registered for a first degree at the University of Oxford that falls within the remit of EPSRC.     
  • In the middle years of their undergraduate course.     
  • On track to receive at least a 2.1.     
  • Eligible to receive a full EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant studentship by the time they graduate (i.e. they must be Home Students, or EU Students who will have been resident in the UK for educational purposes for at least three years prior to graduating).     

2019 SCHEME     

The competition for awards under the 2019 scheme is now open. Departments have been issued with guidance on making applications. If you are interested in applying for a placement, please contact your department/potential supervisor. The deadline for applications is 29 March, 2019.