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This page provides an overview of how training in teaching is organised in the University and the Division, and provides details of the different stages

training in teaching: an overview

The MPLS Division and its departments provide two introductory stages to training in teaching skills. These are Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO) and Advancing Teaching and Learning (ATL). The division also provides an opportunity, best engaged with after PLTO, for early stage teachers to reflect on and discuss their initial teaching experiences. For those who are interested in developing their teaching skills beyond the DLT level, the Centre for Teaching and Learning provide a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Please see below for details of all these stages.


PLTO is the introductory stage and is provided by departments. The PLTO session should:

  • introduce new teachers  to how undergraduate teaching works at Oxford and in their department
  • outline departmental administrative processes
  • discuss ways to get started with their teaching
  • provide the opportunities to discuss potential challenges.

The department should also provide opportunities for reflection and discussion on how to further develop skills once individuals have had some initial teaching experience. 

There is more detail about how PLTO should work in the department.

Your department will provide details of your local PLTO or equivalent provision. If you are not sure who to ask about this please contact your department.


This session provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect on and discuss their initial teaching experiences, and develop their next steps. Details on reviewing teaching experience are here.


Advancing Teaching and Learning (ATL) is the second level of training in teaching at Oxford.  

Advancing Teaching and Learning (ATL) is open to postgraduate students, postdocs, early career academics, academics new to teaching and professional learning support staff. To qualify you will need to have sustained teaching experience and want to develop your teaching or learning support practice.  You will attend a series of 6 workshops (currently being run remotely), complete formative tasks, and submit a portfolio. On passing the ATL you will become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Read more information, including how to apply for the Hilary Term ATL programmes (SSO required).  




For those with an interest in developing their teaching skills further, the Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in HE

other information and resources 

You may also find the the information and resources on the Centre for Teaching and Learning's website of interest.