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Be inspired by students and researchers who have taken part in a wide variety of enterprise events, courses and experiences.

The Hong Kong skyline at night

East meets West in search of investment and innovation

MPLS DPhil researchers share their experiences of attending the HKBU-UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Hong Kong in 2018 and 2019.

Impact beyond Academia: leaping into the unknown

Caoimhe Rooney, a postgraduate researcher in the Mathematical Institute, applied for an award from the EPSRC National Productivity Investment Fund managed by MPLS Division. It enabled her to take part in the 2018 International Space University Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in Australia, aimed at those hoping to enter the space industry. Here Caoimhe writes about that experience and what she hopes to do next.

ActInSpace case study: Hackathon tackles street harassment with AI-powered app

Amy Kao, PhD student at the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, reveals how she and Anna Jungbluth represented the UK at the international ActinSpace hackathon as part of an Oxford team which combined talents to take on a social problem.

ActInSpace Hackathon

ActInSpace is an international innovation contest initiated by the French Space Agency (CNES) uniting over 60 cities across 5 continents.

Singapore Space Challenge

Singapore Space Challenge is an annual national competition designed to spark interest in the younger generation in space research, technology, and development.

Meet the women driving Oxford’s AI research

Once upon a time the concept of machines that could think and act like people was a fantasy - or more often than not, the recipe for a male-dominated, blockbuster movie. Fast forward thirty years and artificial intelligence is transforming - at pace, both the world around us and the way we live, work and communicate within it.