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Want to better understand your own leadership strengths? Interested in exploring how your own leadership skills can be used to maximise innovation in your research, with industry or through entrepreneurship? The Innovation Leadership Programme (ILP) is a leadership initiative designed to empower the next generation of scientific leaders.

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About the Innovation Leadership Programme

The 5-module core course designed and delivered by a team from Henley Business School provides a blend of online materials, presentations and small group discussion sessions, and aims to develop enhanced skills and confidence in innovation leadership, managing stakeholders and teams, influencing skills and more.

  • Module 1: Leadership and innovation
  • Module 2: The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Module 3: Visualising Success: setting goals and identifying success factors
  • Module 4: Managing stakeholders and teams; Coaching and mentoring for success
  • Module 5: Communicating and influencing externally

Review of the Programme

A recent review of the programme gathered reflections from alumni, identifying numerous impacts of the ILP programme. Many alumni highlighted the application of their learning to the process of building successful research groups, seeking funding and exploring potential innovation.

The report highlighted impacts in four key areas: leadership skills, Oxford knowledge, innovation engagement, and networking.

We asked alumni of the programme to complete the following sentence. See their responses below:

You should consider the Innovation Leadership Programme if…

"You wish to achieve impact through innovation because it will provide you with tools and introduce you to a network of colleagues and collaborators."

"You want your work to go beyond academic publications because it opens your mind to new avenues and opportunities."

"You are starting a research group in Oxford because you'll get many of the tools to help you in building up your team, and a support network to help you along the way."

"You want to build a more structured approach to running your existing group or constructing a fresh one because there is an opportunity to practice innovation ideas and to reflect on your style when interacting with the wider community."

"You want to explore your potential and lead your own journey because this programme brings people with similar mindset together and then you are not exploring alone."

Postcard that reads ' You should consider the Innovation Leadership Programme if  you want to create impact all starts with you.'


The Innovation Leadership Programme (ILP) is designed for Associate Professors/Senior Independent Research Fellows (e.g. Royal Society and UKRI funded Fellows)/ Lecturers in scientific disciplines at the University of Oxford.  

Course dates and times

This course will next run in November 2024, and dates will be announced in due course.

For more information please contact Dr Catherine Seed -

ILP Masterclasses

The optional masterclasses that make up the full ILP can be taken separately, before or after the core programme, to allow maximum flexibility. Some are delivered over one day and some over a series of lunchtimes, recognising the busyness of researcher's schedules. 

Upcoming Masterclasses:

Trinity - 2024 leading Collaboration - Bringing people together to achieve the extraordinary: (In person)

Please note: this course has been postponed.

You have brilliant ideas for research collaboration that could have extraordinary outcomes. But how will you engage the people you are relying on? Collaborations can be rewarding or draining, depending on how well people connect. In this course we look at what neuroscience has taught us about how to collaborate. You will make sense of why some of your collaborations have felt great to be part of, while others have been a drag.  You will diagnose problems with collaborations you are part of and find practical solutions for improving them. Leave with a clear model for improving all collaborations you lead.

Masterclasses on demand

Video recording: How To Apply for Innovate UK Funding - Dr Nessa Carey 


The MPLS Innovation Leadership Programme is funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account. EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Privacy notice.

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