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General description of the role

The role of the Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) Programme Director is to provide academic leadership to the NERC funded Oxford DTP in Environmental Research.  The DTP website provides information on the training currently offered across three broad science streams: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Processes; Physical Climate System; and Dynamic Earth, Surface Processes and Natural Hazards.  The programme is expected to enter a NERC renewal bid process in 2022-23.

The Director will play an important role in driving forward the development of graduate access and training, representing the interests of the programme within the University and with managing relationships with NERC and external partners. 

Key duties and responsibilities

The DTP Programme Director, supported by the Associate Programme Director and the Programme Manager, will:

  • Provide strategic leadership to the programme, including Graduate access and admissions; Induction and cohort development; Partner relationship management; and Interdisciplinary networking;
  • provide operational oversight, in support of the Associate Programme Director and the Programme Manager;
  • make a contribution to the teaching of the DTP and to student mentoring and project supervision – to be determined by the background of the individual;
  • chair the DTP Management Committee, as well as represent the Programme on appropriate University committees (e.g. Graduate School Committee) and working parties (e.g. Graduate Access) in the general area of graduate strategy and policy;
  • support the preparation of the DTP’s annual report to NERC and to the DTP Management Committee and MPLS Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) Steering Committee;
  • lead the development of a renewal DTP bid to NERC to determine phase three of the graduate programme offering
  • work with the DTC Director and other interdisciplinary DTC Programme Directors, to guide the business of the DTC – attending DTC meetings when required.

Terms and conditions

  • A responsibility allowance equivalent to a Schedule V allowance (currently £8,079)


  • Buyout of time commensurate with the requirements of this role.

Further information

Anyone interested in being considered for the role should contact the Head of Division, Prof Sam Howison or DTC Director, Prof David Gavaghan, for an informal discussion.

If you wish to be considered for this role, please send an EOI* and CV to Prof David Gavaghan (DTC Director) by Thursday 30th June 2020.

* This should state your name, department, and post; briefly (max. 500 words) describe why you are interested in the role and what you would bring to it, given your skills and experience; and indicate whether you have in-principle support from your Head of Department.