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Composite graphic depicting a laptop and digital learning environment with a library backdrop

Are you interested in shaping the future of library and information services provision in the sciences? We are seeking a dynamic and forward-looking academic to represent MPLS on the Curators of the University Libraries.

This divisional role involves chairing the MPLS library committee (CLiPS), and the incumbent becomes a co-opted member of the MPLS Divisional Board.

This appointment is for up to four years.

The opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity to represent the needs of science researchers and students during a period of rapid change:

  • The transformation of scientific publishing and the Open Science agenda;
  • The re-opening of the refurbished Radcliffe Science Library;
  • And the expansion of support for student and staff learning, development, and wellbeing.

Oxford’s library services are heavily used and well regarded by MPLS students, with a 91% satisfaction level for physical libraries and 95% for online content in the 2021 Student Barometer.

As more content and services go digital, the nature of a library is continually evolving – from a place for the quiet study of books to an environment which supports engagement and collaborative working alongside individual study.

In this role, you will:

  • Work closely with the Head of MPLS Libraries (Donald Mackay) to ensure robust links between end users and decision-makers.
  • Ensure that MPLS has senior input into University-wide library issues and that services to MPLS are developed as appropriate to the needs of the division.
  • Ensure that our libraries are maintained as a national and international scholarly resource.
  • Chair the MPLS Committee for Library Provision and Services (which currently meets termly).
  • Represent MPLS on the Bodleian Curators (which meets four times per year).
  • Be a co-opted member of the MPLS Divisional Board (which meets twice each term).
  • Have the opportunity to attend a wide range of exhibitions, events, and lectures arranged by the Bodleian Libraries and to see some of Oxford’s unique collections.


Expressions of interest – briefly outlining why you are interested in the role, and the relevant experience you would bring to it – should be submitted to Jeannie Scott ( in the Divisional Office, by 5pm on Friday 3 March 2023.

To find out more about this opportunity, please contact either Jeannie Scott or else Donald Mackay (Head of MSD and MPLS Libraries) at

Further information

The Curators of the University Libraries (CUL) is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), with membership drawn from across Oxford. It normally meets on Monday afternoons in MT Week 2, MT Week 9, HT Week 8, and TT Week 8.

Any queries about the role of the Curators may be directed to the Chair, Professor Patrick Grant ( or Bodley's Librarian, Richard Ovenden (

MPLS Divisional Board meets from 2pm – 4pm on Fridays in Weeks 2 and 7 of each term.

MPLS CLiPS has typically met in Week 3, but its composition and the frequency and timing of meetings are all due for review. The new Chair will help to shape a new-look committee, to reflect the changing nature of library and information services.