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The MPLS Academic REF Lead is supported by the MPLS Research Support team and reports to the Head of Division. The role carries the following responsibilities:

  1. Oversee preparations for the REF2029 submission for Panel B, working closely with the MPLS REF Project Manager and other divisional officers supporting REF preparations, and liaising with the Associate Head (Research) and Associate Head (Innovation) as appropriate
  2. Monitor and support the progress of UOAs in meeting key milestones set by REF Project Board and the MPLS Divisional Office
  3. Support REF preparations through activities such as chairing relevant working groups, holding meetings with UoA Leads and working groups (collectively and individually), and presenting to divisional meetings such as GPC and Board as business dictates
  4. Chair and lead any groups or meetings that may engage with external/critical friends in supporting the division with its REF preparations
  5. Represent the Division at REF Project Board and attend relevant University meetings and training on REF preparations
  6. Liaise with relevant officers and academic leads in the Medical Sciences Division over issues concerning cross-divisional submissions (notably Biology)
  7. Undertake such other duties as may be delegated to you by the Head of Division in relation to REF preparations

February 2024