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Divisional Board meets on Fridays of Weeks Two and Seven of Full Term at 2pm.

The Board's terms can be found on the University website.

For more information about Divisional Board contact Dr Tracy Gale.


Members (2021-2022): 

  • Sam Howison (ex officio: Head of Division)
  • Mark Brouard (ex officio: HoD Chemistry)
  • Leslie Goldberg (ex officio: HoD Computer Science)
  • Chris Ballentine (ex officio: HoD Earth Sciences)
  • Ron Roy (ex officio: HoD Engineering Science)
  • Angus Wilkinson/Hazel Assender (ex officio: HoD Materials)          
  • Mike Giles (ex officio: HoD Maths)
  • Ian Shipsey (ex officio: HoD Physics)
  • Mark Fricker/EJ Milner-Gulland (ex officio: HoD Biology)
  • Alison Etheridge (ex officio: HoD Statistics)

Elected members:

  • Stuart McKenzie (Chemistry)
  • Charlotte Williams (Chemistry)
  • Blanca Rodriguez (Computer Science)
  • Richard Katz (Earth Sciences)
  • Thomas Adcock (Engineering Science)
  • Martin Booth (Engineering Science)  
  • Nicole Grobert (Materials)
  • Dmitry Belyaev (Maths)
  • Balazs Szendroi (Maths)
  • Martin Bureau (Physics)
  • Siddarth Parameswaran (Physics)
  • John MacKay (Biology)
  • Frank Windmeijer (Statistics)
  • Geraldine Wright (Biology)
  • Kathy Willis (Conference of Colleges)
  • Andy Bell (Conference of Colleges)
  • Lucy Taylor (MPLS Research Staff representative)
  • Vacancy (co-opted MSD representative)
  • Bernard Taylor (co-opted external representative)
  • Victor Vescu (MPLS Divisional Representative for undergraduate students and postgraduate taught students)
  • Izzy Creed (MPLS Divisional Representative for postgraduate doctoral students)


Officers to attend: