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For more information about the IT and Digital Committee contact Jeannie Scott.



  • Chair - Academic ID Lead and rep on IDC: Mike Giles, Mathematical Institute (to Sept 2026)
  • Deputy Chair and Technical ID Lead: Keith Gillow, Mathematical Institute
  • Secretary and ID strategy lead: Jeannie Scott, MPLS

Representatives on University IDC and IT Portfolio Committees

  • Education: Stephen Morris, Engineering Science (2023-24)
  • Research: Wes Armour, Engineering Science (2023-24)
  • Technology: Antoine Jerusalem, Engineering Science (2023-24)
  • Digital Engagement: David Pyle, Earth Sciences (2023-24)
  • Administration: Jeannie Scott, MPLS (2023-25)
  • JISAG: Keith Gillow, Mathematical Institute (2023-24)

Co-opted members

  • Academic co-opted 1: Fernanda Duarte, Chemistry (2023-24)
  • Academic co-opted 2: Armin Reichold, Physics (2023-24)
  • Academic co-opted 3: Dave de Roure, Engineering Science (2023-24)
  • Digital Accessibility/member of DAWG: Elizabeth Crowley, Earth Sciences (2023-24)

MPLS Officers (optional attendance)

  • Head of Strategic Planning and Projects: Keri Dexter, MPLS
  • Head of Research Support: Martin Edmunds, MPLS