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The MPLS Division values the diversity of all of its staff and students. We strive to create an inclusive culture where different perspectives and experiences are encouraged, and each person is respected and treated fairly, so that individuals of all backgrounds can fully contribute their talents to our scientific community. The MPLS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fund has been established to support departments (and staff and students in those departments) and enable local activity that aims to advance equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I). Applications are now open for the November 2021 deadline.

Over the 2021-2022 academic year, £8,000 will be dispersed to departments in MPLS for ED&I activities that:

  • Create new projects and initiatives;
  • Enhance and support existing activity that has evidenced impact;
  • Foster creative ideas to address existing disparities/inequalities pertaining to protected characteristics as described in the Equality Act 2010; or
  • Pilot activity in a department for possible extension across the Division.

There will be two calls for applications in November 2021 and March 2022, and we anticipate funding about 3-5 projects. All staff (academics, researchers and professional services staff) and students within MPLS are eligible to apply, and all applications require approval by the Department Administrator and Head of Department.

The selection panel of divisional officers chaired by the MPLS Associate Head for People, will consider the following criteria:

  • The activity will benefit one or more MPLS departments [or individuals within the department(s)]. Proposals involving departments/partners external to MPLS will be considered, as long as there is at least one participating MPLS department.
  • The proposal involves either funding an innovative/new activity or sustaining existing activity that has demonstrated impact or positive results/benefits.
  • The proposal is aligned with departmental, divisional, or University ED&I related action plans and strategic priorities (e.g. Athena Swan action plans, Race Equality Charter).

 Examples of successful applications can be seen at the bottom of the page. Funding is unlikely to be awarded for:

  • A proposal which benefits a single individual and which does not demonstrate broader impact beyond that individual; and
  • Activities which form part of the regular day-to-day operations of a department where we would normally expect funding to already exist to support that activity.

How to apply