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The Lockey Committee makes grants for attendance at overseas scientific conferences and symposia.

The Lockey Committee considers applications for grants for attendance at overseas scientific conferences, symposia, etc by academic and research staff who hold a doctorate and are members of Congregation (although applications may be considered from postdoctoral research workers etc. who are not members of Congregation).

Maximum grants are:

     Europe: £500
     Rest of the World: £1,000
     Aggregated four-year total: £1,500

To qualify for support from the Lockey Committee, a conference or workshop must involve the dissemination of research results rather than the planning of future projects. The meeting should be open rather than restricted to a small number of people by special invitation only (invitation by an international programme committee or similar is regarded as open in this context). Applicants are asked to provide details if they are proposing to attend summer schools or workshops.

The committee does not make grants to research students or to applicants who, although they hold a fellowship or research assistantship post, have not yet submitted their doctoral thesis. (Members of Congregation who do not hold a doctorate are nonetheless eligible.)

Application Process

Applications should be submitted by the end of Seventh Week to for consideration before the conference for which the grant is needed takes place.

If an award is made a notification letter is issued which will provide details on how payment is made (this is usually by submission of an expenses claim after the conference event).