Research funding schemes supported through MPLS Division.

John Fell Fund

A University-wide fund intended to foster creativity and a proactive approach to research opportunities in all subject areas, and particularly interdisciplinary fields. The Fund will make seed corn and start-up grants, and provide funds to stimulate applications to external funding bodies.

Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF)

Managed by the Medical Sciences Division, the Wellcome ISSF supports strategically important activity across the University of Oxford in biomedical and clinical sciences, public health, social sciences and the medical humanities.

MPLS Programme Grant Facilitation Fund

The MPLS Programme Grant Facilitation Fund offers small awards (up to £10k) to support the preparation of large, multi-million, multi-investigator programme grant applications.

MPLS Networking and Interdisciplinary Fund (NIF)

The MPLS Networking and Interdisciplinary Fund (NIF) offers modest awards to enable networking and interdisciplinary activities, predominantly across MPLS.

Hester Cordelia Parsons Fund

The Hester Cordelia Parsons Fund (HCP) invites applications from members of the University for grants that support the costs of research in experimental biological science.

Lockey Fund

The Lockey Committee makes grants for attendance at overseas scientific conferences and symposia.

Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science

Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science were set up to encourage scientists at an early stage of their career to follow their research interests at Oxford.

Returning Carers’ Fund

A fund to support those who have taken a break for caring responsibilities to re-establish their research careers.

Astor Travel Fund

The fund provides grants towards the costs of visits to the USA, visitors from the USA and visiting lectureships.

Other Internal Funding Opportunities

There are a number of other internal funding opportunities for research that are managed outside the MPLS Division. They are listed on the Research Services Internal Funding Opportunities webpage.