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Fiona Suttle

Dr Fiona Suttle


Research Communication Officer (Digital)

Fiona is responsible for managing the online presence of Oxford Sparks, and also provides support to the MPLS communications team. Oxford Sparks is the University’s digital science engagement platform, which shares and promotes the cutting-edge research taking place within MPLS and across the wider University. In addition to the 'Big Questions' podcast, Oxford Sparks produces live-action videos - if you are interested in getting involved, please don't hesitate to send Fiona an email.

Prior to this role, Fiona carried out a DPhil in the University’s Department of Zoology, examining the impacts of anthropogenic stressors (such as climate change and the krill fishery) on populations of penguins in the Southern Ocean region. As part of this research, she was heavily involved with the Penguin Watch citizen science project, and is a keen advocate for the use of citizen science as a public engagement tool.