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Find out more about the events that MPLS departments run.

Events run by mpls departments

Begbroke Science Park

Including Innovation Showcase (Key Stage 3/4), Practical Nanoscience for schools (Key Stage 3 students), and Practical Nanoscience skills training workshop for teachers (Key Stage 3/4 and BTEC).

Find out more on the Begbroke Science Park website

Biological Sciences

Including visits to schools, the outdoor classroom at the Oxford University Farm and UNIQ summer schools.

Contact Caitlin Hamilton, Communications and Outreach Officer for the Departments of Zoology and Plant Sciences,

Find out more on the Biological Sciences website


Including workshops for Key Stages 1 to 5 and demonstration lectures at schools in Oxford. Visits to local schools from the Oxford 'Alchemists', Salters' Festival of Chemistry, Chemistry and Materials Master classes (Year 12), Spectroscopy day, and UNIQ summer schools.

Contact Jayne Shaw, Schools Liaison Officer, Chemistry Research Laboratory, 12 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TA

Find out more on the Chemistry website.

Computer Science

Including practical lessons and lectures as a part of a wider college visit, the University-Wide Open Days in July and September, Joint Maths and Computer Science Open Day in May, Christmas Science Lectures (Year 9), Robot Games (Year 9 - 10), Oxford Pathways Programme (Year 10 - 13), Inspire Her (year 7 girls), Looking forward (year 10 women), Women in Computer Science ( Year 10 - 11), Computing at Schools Conference (Year 11 - 12), Lesser Spotted Sciences Day (Year 11 - 12), Philosophy Plus Taster Day (Year 11 - 12), UNIQ summer school (Year 12), Further Maths - What Next? (Year 12), Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences (Year 12 - 13).

Contact the Outreach and Schools Liaison team in the Department of Computer Science:

Find out more on the Computer Science website

Earth Sciences

Including visits to local schools, Lesser Spotted Sciences Day (year 11), and UNIQ summer school.

Contact the Academic Administration Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PR 01865 272040

Find out more on the Earth Sciences website


Engineering science

Including Royal Institution Engineering Masterclasses (Year 9), Dragonfly (Year 10 women), Looking forward (year 10 women), Headstart (Year 12), Lesser Spotted Sciences Day (Year 11), and UNIQ Summer School.

Contact the Deputy Administrator, Department of Engineering Science, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PJ

Find out more on the Engineering Science website 

Materials Science

Including Headstart (Year 12), Chemistry and Materials Masterclasses (Year 12), Lesser Spotted Sciences Day (Year 11), additional open days, and UNIQ Summer Schools.

Contact: Jayne Shaw, Schools Liaison Officer, Department of Materials, Parks Road, OX1 3PH 01865 273710

Find out more on the Materials Science website


Including summer schools, visits to schools from staff and students, Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses (Year 9 to 11), conferences for girls, additional open days, and UNIQ Summer Schools.


Find out more on the Mathematics website


Including  speakers and shows in Oxford for Key Stages 2 to 5, Key Stage 3 Enrichment day, telescope and Stargazing visits, Particle Physics Master classes (Key Stage 5), Girls in Physics Degree taster day (year 12), Supporting Physics Teaching Workshops, the British Physics Olympiad, and Uniq summer schools (see above).

Contact Siân Tedaldi, British Physics Olympiad Administrator and Access Officer, Department of PhysicsClarendon Laboratory, Department of Physics, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PU 01865 282447

Find out more on the Physics website


Including visits to schools, Statistics Taster day (year 12), Further Maths - What Next? (year 12, see above), and UNIQ summer school.

Contact Mareli Grady, Department of Statistics, 1 South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3TG

Find out more on the Statistics website