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Find out more about the outreach carried out by MPLS departments and across the University.

Children's hands assembling a skeleton

Outreach in MPLS Departments

All MPLS departments have dedicated outreach staff and most run a programme of events for schools. Click on the links below to be redirected to the Outreach pages for each department and for Begbroke Science Park:

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Computer Science

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Engineering Science

Department of Materials

Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics

Department of Physics

Begbroke Science Park

Other outreach at the University of Oxford

The UNIQ Programme offers free residentials in July and August for Year 12 students studying at UK state schools. There are tailored programmes for students interested in each of the undergraduate programmes offered by MPLS departments. Preference is given to applicants who come from schools and areas with little or no history of successful application to Oxford.

The Oxford Pathways programme gives academically able year 10 students from non-selective state schools a chance to visit Oxford for a taste of what it would be like to study here.

The University runs regular open days and has webpages aimed at teachers who want to help their students consider applying to Oxford.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History offers a range of learning experiences for different audiences through structured sessions or self-guided visits, and provides online learning materials for Key Stage 2 and upwards about fossils, rocks, minerals, insects and animals.

Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum offers a range of schools visits.

The History of Science Museum offers a wide ranging programme for different audiences to enjoy and participate in.