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This new guide from the Centre for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement presents a range of 'recipes' of how to do various different event formats virtually, with plenty of useful practical tips and tricks.

Several members of the CSCE community worked to put their experiences together to create this resource, which presents a number of virtual formats, and provide guides based on what to do before, during and after various formats.

They also categorise the events into whether they work for small or large groups, how flexible the formats are and the purpose of the activities.

Whilst written by community engagement managers, this recipe book might also provide useful guidance for anyone looking to move events online.

And best of all it's free, and designed to be browsable so you can dip into the most relevant sections for what you're triyng to do.

Download the guide

Woodley, Louise, Pratt, Catherine, Ainsworth, Rachael, Amsen, Eva, Bakker, Arne, Butland, Stefanie, … Tsang, Emmy. (2020, July 17). Using virtual events to facilitate community building: event formats. Zenodo.