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Find the latest updates of public engagement news, opportunities, funding, and more.

Priyanka Dhopade at the final of 'I'm a researcher'

New case study: Sensing Volcanoes at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

A new case study has been published that delves into the experience of Professor David Pyle in Earth Sciences, who led a team engaging the public with volcanic eruptions at the prestigious Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

Take your research to Cheltenham Science Festival 2024

The popular science festival will take place 4-6 June 2024, and is inviting expressions of interest to host a range of events or to have a stall in one of their interactive zones.

European Research Council Public Engagement with Research award, deadline 21 Feb 2024

The European Research Council invites applications for its public engagement with research award, worth €10,000, which recognises former ERC grantees who have communicated their research to audiences outside of their domains, and demonstrated excellence in public engagement and outreach.

Royal Society Places of Science funding, deadline 17 November

This funding scheme from the Royal Society supports museum projects that tell the stories of science and scientists relevant to communities across the UK through museums and their collections.

Government Areas of Interest - new database launched

Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) are specific topics or issues that the government is interested in. Researchers can use the database to identify pathways to align their own research with these priorities.

IoP Communicators Conference, 16 November, London

The Institute of Physic's Outreach and Communication conference is an opportunity for all kinds of communicators, from enthusiasts to professionals, industrial scientists to students, to come together to discuss their work and learn from others. The deadline for submitting talks is 29 Sept.

Communicate 2023: Together For Nature, digital, Bristol, Manchester and London, 14-16 Nov

Communicate is the UK’s annual conference for environmental communicators, welcoming anyone who develop their skills, share best practice and debate latest issues in science communication, nature conservation and engaging people with the natural world.

STFC Public engagement Spark Awards, deadline 2 Nov

STFC offers up to £15,000 to engage the public in STFC's supported areas of science, with a particular emphasis on 8-14 year olds and their families from socioeconomically deprived areas or low science interest groups.

MPLS Public Engagement Training Schedule Announced!

Available to all in MPLS and MSD, our courses are available throughout the academic year to support you with your public engagement skillset. This year we are launching exciting new courses.

Take your research to the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar, deadline 15 December

The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar is a family-friendly event that attracts over 3,000 members of the community. It is free to take part and the team are keen to hear from anyone who has interactive activities and workshops, activities, talks, workshops, demonstrations or exhibitions.

Online event - Connecting the Dots: Chemists, Policymakers and the Public, 19 October

This event, hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry, will explore how policy is created and influenced with a view to helping inspire chemists to grow their confidence to pursue policy opportunities. The event will also explore how public engagement can help inform conversations with policy makers.

UK Space Agency - Space for All grants, deadline 27 October

UK Space Agency is offering grants from £50,000 to £100,000 to use space to help increase young people taking up STEM study and careers and/or increase science capital.

Royal Society of Chemistry 'Chemistry Week' grants, deadline 2 October

RSC offers up to £500 to support celebrations and engagement under the theme "Chemistry Making the World a Better Place" during Chemistry Week itself (5 - 11 November 2023) and throughout November 2023.

Genetics Society Public Engagement Grants, deadline 1 October

The Genetics Society offers up to £5,000 to support their members to public engagement activities relevant to Genetics.

Take your research to the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, deadline 2 October

The Royal Society Summer Exhibitions attracts thousands of visitors and can help build the profile of your research. Apply now for your chance to be part of it.

UK Research and Innovation Policy Internships, deadline 2 October

Doctoral students funded by UKRI research councils are invited to apply for these three month internships, which can take place in policy organisations.

Society for Endocrinology public engagement grants, deadline 20 September

The Society for endocrinology offers up to £1,000 to support the organisation, production and delivery of outreach activities, aimed at school children or other audiences to engage with hormones and the impact of endocrinology.

Biochemical Society scientific outreach grants, deadline 2 October 2023

The Biochemical Society offers up to £5,000 to support scientific outreach and public engagement activities that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people and the community.

Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach grants, deadlines 4 Sept and 6 Nov 2023

The Royal Society of Chemistry offers up to £10k through small and large grants to support members, individuals and organisations to run chemistry-based public and schools engagement activities. The scheme has rolling monthly deadlines throughout 2023.

Narrative CVs: new guidance

A new comprehensive guide has been created to help you craft your narrative CV, also known as a resume for research and innovation. This includes a section on 'contributions to wider society', i.e., public engagement and outreach.

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