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Prof Marcus du Sautoy was a recipient of a PER Seed Fund in 2016-17 to support the development of the Symmetry in Sound project with the Mathmagicians. Watch the short film that presents what the project was about and how it worked.

Symmetry in Sound will also be presented at the Curiosity Carnival.

Full details on the award, along with other funded projects can be found on the University's PER hub.

The University's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund is an internal grant scheme for academics and researchers to:

  • Develop or pilot new Public Engagement with Research projects or;
  • Improve existing Public Engagement with Research activity or;
  • Evaluate or gather evidence of impact of ongoing Public Engagement with Research activities.

The fund is support by the Catalyst Seed Fund grant from Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

In 2016-17 ten projects were funded (ranging from £1500 to £4000).

The PER Seed Fund for 2017-18 will be announced in Michaelmas Term, so watch this space.

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