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The Public Engagement with Research team in Research services have shared an evaluation planning template and a list of evaluation tools you can use. These were first used as part of the PER Forum intro to evaluation.

First, start with the evaluation planning template:

It will help you think about your objectives and the key questions you'd like to answer with your evaluation. This should link directly to what you wish to achieve with your public engagement activities. It should also help you think about what time and resource you have available, to help you then choose which evaluation tools you could use. Any method you use should be relevant to and commensurate with the scale of PE activities and also suitable for your audiences/participants (i.e., there's no point doing a super long and in-depth interview if people are only interacting with your activity for a few minutes). Can you make your evaluation activity seem like or actually be part of your engagement activity? 

 You'll need a single-sign on to access these.


You can read our top tips for evaluation here.