As part of celebrations for International Women's Day this year the folks behind Finding Ada hosted a 'Comedy and Communication' hour long, live-streamed panel discussion looking at how we can all use comedy techniques in our STEM communications and teaching.

We all love a bit of a laugh, but how can you use comedy and comedic techniques in your day-today science communication, outreach and teaching? Our panel talked about how comedy works and how you can use comedy techniques to elevate your communications work.

Speakers included:

  • Helen Pilcher, science and comedy writer
  • Susan Okereke, maths teacher
  • Kyle Marian Viterbo, comedian, producer and science communications consultant
  • Sally le Page, science YouTuber

This webinar was hosted by Finding Ada, which supports women in STEM via three key projects: Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievements of women in STEM; the Finding Ada Network provides mentoring and support; and the Finding Ada Conference shares best practice and advice.

 You can watch for free by clicking this link